EDEN NATURE 30mm - An All Directional Soft Artificial Grass

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Eden is a one of a kind multi-directional artificial grass, creatively made to replicate a natural lawn. Eden’s matt appearance and moss and hazel colours in the thick inner layers make this product extremely realistic. 

This product can actually save you money, because it can be laid in any direction if you have an irregular shape lawn or area the offcuts can be well utilised to save offcuts and wastage, friendly for both the pocket and the environment. 

The ultimate realistic natural grass look and feel of natural turf all year round. Perfect for small children who need s soft surface to roll around on. 

This artificial grass is suitable for children and pets, its also ideal for balconies, terraces, commercial, play areas including schools as well as other busy urban spaces.

Price is per square meter & include VAT 


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