Artificial Grass Benefits Revealed: Why Would You Switch to Artificial Lawn?

Posted on September 08, 2016

Artificial Grass Benefits Revealed: Why Would You Switch to Artificial Lawn?

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, is a great alternative for home lawns, golf courses, and sports fields. Architects and landscapers have long advertised the benefits that synthetic grass can provide, and many households are using it in order to make sure that their lawns are always in perfect condition and well-maintained state. Synthetic grass is crafted from man-made fibers that are very similar to what the grass look like. According to Wikipedia, synthetic grass was first introduced in 1960’s and became popular in 1970’s. After that, it has been used in different stadiums worldwide. Nowadays, it is the most practical and popular option for homeowners who basically want to have a visual-perfect lawn.

Brief Reasons Why Artificial Grass is the Perfect Fit for Your Lawn

If you are planning to switch to artificial grass but still not 100% decided, here are ten reasons why synthetic grass is worth a try:

  1. Save a big amount of money on maintenance.

Imagine the whole family sitting comfortably in their own green backyard on a weekend, not having to mow, fertilize and water the lawn. With a synthetic grass, there’s no need to feed and weed the lawn anymore.

  1. Homeowners can still have green space in their yard.

Giving up natural grass does not necessarily mean giving up natural colors on your lawn. As a matter of fact, artificial lawn synthetic grass comes in different natural colors, grass blades, and density so that the whole family can still feel like they are having a natural grass.

  1. Residential owners can incorporate synthetic grass with their landscape design.

Landscaping is also popular nowadays and homeowners can be able to create interesting landscape design using artificial grass. Homeowners can also ask their synthetic grass dealer for help in order to find the best synthetic grass type to pair with their existing landscape design.

  1. Save more water with synthetic grass.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t require irrigation at all. At some point, you may still need to use a little amount of water for cleaning purposes like washing away dirt and dog waste. Overall, synthetic grass can help homeowners save more water than that of natural grass.

  1. Artificial grass is not just for residential use.

Rental units, commercial properties, and apartment complexes can also take advantage of the benefits that synthetic grass provides. With synthetic grass, businesses can also save money due to lower water bills and mowing operation costs.

  1. Synthetic grass is pet and child friendly.

Synthetic grass is completely safe for kids as it provide non-slippery surface even when it’s wet. It’s also safe for your pet because they won’t bother tearing up synthetic grass like he usually would with the natural grass.

Make Sure to Have a Perfectly Manicured Lawn Today

Synthetic grass comes with so many benefits to fit every household’s landscaping needs. Every homeowner wants to have an attractive lawn whether in rural or urban area. Good thing artificial grass ensures that all residential lawns can look perfectly manicured at all time, any season of the year. Have you finally decided to switch to synthetic grass? Visit artificial grass installer today.

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